Android SD Card Formatting DIY

This guide will show you how to properly format a new SD card to function as a bootable card for your Android OS.

Pictures and more detailed instructions to come soon!

Here is the information for formatting:
To format your card properly follow these instructions:

Get Easus Partition Manager from

Use easus partition manager to:
1. Delete the partition on the sd card
2. Create a new one partition with the following settings: primary, fat32
3. Then mark said partition as active (a right click i believe gets you to the option)
4. Now commit the changes (by the File menu i believe)
5. Exit Easus and open the SD card in Windows Explorer and the directory where the files are to copy
6. Copy the MLO file to the sd card FIRST (via standard Explorer window, you are done with Easus now)
7. Now copy the rest of the files

They are a bit vague but you can usually get it working once you get in there and see it first hand. For the update files, there are ones better than the dynavin supplied ones that can be found here:

Using those ROMs should reinstall and fix the corrupt version. If you wish, you can use the one on Dynavin's website instead to keep things "stock".

If you have a D99+ unit you need to use the newer files on their website.
If you have a D99 or older you need to use the older files on their website.

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