Android or WinCE?




As stated in the top line of the page, all features relating to the multimedia side of the unit are the same such as Radio, CD/DVD, Bluetooth, iPod/iPhone, etc. The difference between the Android and WinCE versions will evidence itself when you press the Nav button or go into the Navigation menu option from the main screen.

On the Android unit, you will be presented with the Android OS loading screen (depending on how long the unit has been powered on), or the Android OS Home screen. The home screen is just what you would expect to find on a cell phone with Android, however do note that it is an older version of Android at 2.2.

From the home screen you can then choose what you want to do. The purpose from Dynavin for the Android is to use Google Maps for navigation, so this is the program that is supplied with the Android units. Please do note that to use this program you will need an active data connection at all times (read WiFi connection). So if you do not have the ability to hotspot your cell phone or purchase a hotspot you will not be able to use Google Maps. However, you can still have navigation if you use the Google Play Store (formerly Market) to download an offline navigation program (such as Copilot) that will store the maps on your SD card locally. You will need temporary internet to download this app, which you can get from your house WiFi or McDonalds, etc..

If you DO have the ability to have WiFi on-the-go, you can use the Android systems for more than just Navigation. You can download programs just as you would on a phone and use them while driving, such as Pandora, Spotify, Youtube, etc. Please do note that as previously stated, the Bluetooth feature is strictly on the “Multimedia” side, not the Android side. So you will NOT have Bluetooth on the Android OS as they are completely separate hardware. You CAN get Bluetooth by purchasing a BT USB module and plugging it into the GPS USB in the back of the unit. If you wish to have BT and WiFi you will need to get a USB Hub to connect both at once.

Looking for Android without the need for WiFi hotspotting? Try the Audioid GPS line by Dynavin USA! Click HERE.

WinCE 6.0:

Contrary to the Android OS units, for the WinCE units, when you press the Nav button or select the Navigation mode from the main menu you are taken to the Navigation software that is provided on the SD card. Occasionally if it is the firs time the unit has been powered on you will see a Navigation Console screen where you will have to direct the unit to the “.exe” file for the navigation software, but after that it will load automatically when the NAV button is pressed. You will NOT ever come into contact with the WinCE interface. The software will load upon the NAV button being pressed and away you go with navigation!

Currently we are including IGO Primo navigation software with 2012 Q1 map package for North America.



The bottom line is: If you want a navigation unit that is simple and will just get you from A to B with no issues, Go for the WinCE.

If you are a tech-y person and have experience with Android and understand that natively the unit is just meant to be used for Google Maps but can be modified at your own risk, Go for the Android.

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